Felt Flutter wall stickers by Rachel Horrocks


As we’ve mentioned on numerous occasions before, we’re big fans of wall stickers or wall decals, as they offer a quick and easy way of adding interest and design to you walls, without much effort (and you can easily change it if you go off the design).

A lot of wall stickers are very flat and lack texture, so we were thrilled to discover this fab wall decor product by designer, Rachel Horrocks. Her Flutter butterfly wall decor is very cleverly made from felt and and feels wonderful to touch and look at.

The butterfly wall stickers work in the same was as traditional wall stickers, with a self-adhesive backing that sticks them to your walls immediately. The felt butterflies are 3mm thick and made from 100% wool.

Available in mixed sizes of packs of five or 10, and in petrol blue or lavender, the butterflies can be used creatively in whatever way you choose – have them fluttering down your lounge walls, flying up the stairs or positioned over your bed, the choice is yours!

The Flutter wall decor is available to purchase from Pure Design from £24.50 per box.

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