Vintage aluminium DVD locker storage box

DVD or clutter storage box

DVD or clutter storage box

Metal is a great material to use in homeware and interior design, not least as it provides a different texture and is very hard wearing, and we see it cropping up in all sorts of ways.

We stumbled upon this vintage storage collection and can’t help but love these old style metal locker boxes, which actually have quite a modern and funky feel to them. This box in particular is sold with a view to being the perfect size for storing all your DVDs (there are others available for CDs), but we’re sure it could be used for umpteen other storage purposes too.

The shiny aluminium metal provides an interesting surface to look at when the box is popped on a shelf or on the floor near your TV, as it shines and glints in the light, and the locker-style opening is a nice added decorative feature.

The vintage aluminium DVD locker box is £51.95 from Culinary Concepts.

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