The Fold shelf: storage and sculpture combined

Stylish and practical modern Fold shelf   3d wall art sculpture and shelf

If you love wall art sculptures, but also need some practical storage in your home, then meet the Fold shelf.

This clever design combines an impressive three dimensional wall sculpture with a useful shelf, that can be used for storing books, home accessories, CDs or DVDs.

The unusually shaped Fold shelf is made from a single sheet of powder coated metal that has been laser cut and hand folded along perforated cuts. The crisp edges of the shelf expose the perforations, which produces a trendy stitched detail effect.

One shelf used on its own on a wall is effective enough, but you could combine several shelves to form unusual sculptures and art on your wall. You can even choose which way up you position it, for maximum design and creativity.

The Fold shelf comes with everything you need to fix it safely and securely to your wall and is available to purchase from the Hidden Art shop.

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