Philippe Starck XO Bonze stool – love it or loathe it?


Would you choose one of these stools to go in your home? Do you love the design or loathe it?

The ceramic Bonze stools are part of the Xo range by designer Philippe Starck. Possibly not to everybody’s taste, the sculptural piece with a face in the base doubles up as both a stool and a small side table. It’s been produced in a range of colours, including platinum, gold, black and red, with the shiny finishes of the gold and platinum being quite glitzy and decorative.

You’ll probably have to really love the Bonze stool to buy it, as it’s not cheap. The black and red versions are £578, the gold is £644 and the platinum will set you back £693.

You can find out more about the Bonze stools, or buy one, at Made in Design.

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