The handkerchief vase: One vase, two prices


Vases come in all shapes, designs and sizes, but one of the trendy shapes we’re currently rather fond of is the handkerchief vase.

The bottom of the handkerchief vase is typical of a standard vase, but from the middle upwards, the changes are very apparent. The design is curved and creased, just like a crumpled hanky would be, which results in the top of the vase being swirly and nicely shaped.

The style of the vase makes it look great simply perched on a shelf, but it’s equally good when filled with flowers too, not least as there are all sorts of fun grooves for stems to lean on, making flower arranging more creative.

A number of shops have handkerchief vases in stock, in a variety of colours, and it’s worth shopping around to get a good price. At John Lewis, a 30cm handkerchief vase in lime green is priced at £25. The same size handkerchief style vase at Bhs, available in a choice of turquoise, pink, clear or black, is £15. We know which we’d go for.

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