Magnatin magnetic spice rack


Magnetic spice rack

This sleek stainless steel spice rack is designed with magnetic properties. Not only can you pop the six small containers into their own tray to keep them tidy and organised, but the pots will also stick to appliances in your kitchen, such as the front of fridges, freezers or even the radiator.

The secure lid means that the contents won’t come spilling out all over the place but, when you do want to use the herbs in your cooking, the lids have easy-to-use ‘twist and shake’ functions. The lids are also see-through, so you can easily see at a glance what’s inside.

As well as herbs and spices, the tins are the perfect size for storing other cooking ingredients and kitchen bits and pieces, such as small cake decorations, chocolate sprinkles or vanilla dusting powder.

The magnetic spice rack costs £14.99 and is available from Magnatin.

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