Topsy turvy upside down hanging tomato planter

Upside down hanging planter

Upside down hanging planter

I caught a snatch of an upside down hanging tomato planter rather like this one being demonstrated on Gardener’s World last Friday evening. It’s an unusal way of planting tomatoes – not least as they hang upside down – but if you’ve got limited space outside or only have a balcony, then it’s a novel way of growing tomatoes. Alternatively, you could use it for herbs or strawberries.

The planter is cleverly designed so that, once the plants and soil are in the bottom of the planter, the water can be simply added at the top; there’s even a funnel build into the top that allows you to easily water your plants.

I’m still deciding what to plant my tomatoes in this year – thinking of moving away from the usual growbag – so this is a definite option! The Topsy Turvy planter is available for only £9.99 from Safield.

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