Emma Bridgewater colourful cutlery


We love adding a bit of fun into our homes and are rather fond of cutlery that you can mix and match. You don’t have to use it everyday, but when you need a bit of cheering up, eating icecream with a colourful spoon, or tucking into a meal with your favourite knife and fork can liven up a dull moment.

Emma Bridgewater have added a whole load of new designs added to their cutlery range, including knives, forks, tea spoons and dessert spoons in spots, stripes and daisy designs. The colours include red, yellow, green and blue and each piece is available to purchase individually.

This is perfect if you just fancy one spoon in your favourite design and also allows for mixing and matching to your hearts content, rather than ending up with colours or designs you’re not so keen on.

Matching pieces of cutlery are also available in smaller sizes, suitable for children.

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