Easy home decorating with Tempaper wallpaper


Have you ever fancied re-decorating a room, but are unsure what to do? Perhaps you really like the look of wallpaper, but aren’t sure if it’s a design you want on your walls on a long-term basis? Or maybe you love the idea of wallpaper, but can’t face the hassle of putting it up?

Well, now there’s an answer to all these issues, with the arrival of Tempaper.

Created by NYC set directors who’ve transformed themselves into wallpaper designers, they recognised the need for easy-to-apply wall decorations. They’ve created this great range of Tempapers, which are extra long rolls of printed wallpaper. Instead of having to faff around with wallpaper glue and pasting tables, this clever vinyl wallpaper comes with a self-adhesive backing.

It’s easy to put up without major hassle, but it’s also easy to remove again if you change your mind. If you do want to remove it, it can be reapplied again – on the same wall, or elsewhere in your home.

Tempaper is available in a selection of designs, including Blue Silhouette (blue background with a white twig design), Pink Damask, Black Damask and Blue Alto.

All the designs are available to purchase in the UK from Urban Outfitters.

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