Maze MagBag magazine rack

Steel magazine rack

Steel magazine rack

From a distance, this looks like a plain white paper bag, the kind you might get given to carry takeaway food in. But on closer inspection, it’s far more hardwearing than a mere paper bag.

Designed by Malin Lundmark for Maze International, the MagBag is actually a contemporary magazine storage rack. Made from a single sheet of lacquered steel, that has been cleverly designed to form the look and shape of a paper carrier bag, the ‘bag’ can be used for all your magazine storage needs.

The handle at the top is decorative, but it also serves the practical purpose of letting you easily pick up your bag of magazines and move them around the house with you. So on a sunny day, if you fancy reading a magazine or two outside with a cup of coffee, you just pick up your MagBag magazine rack and take it with you into the garden.

The MagBag, with its glossy finish, is a great design idea and a real talking point. It’s available to purchase from Red Candy. They also sell a similar re-bag recycling bag too.

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