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I’ve often kept empty champagne bottles from special occasions and sometimes use them to pop a flower in. However, you can only realistically get one flower stem in, due to the neck of the bottle, so they don’t serve a great purpose as a vase.

That’s where these champagne bottle vases really differ. They’ve been cleverly recycled and properly cut off, to form ample sized vases. The cut-off neck has been smoothed down, so there are no areas where you could cut yourself, and the champagne bottle labels are left on the bottles. All of this is down by hand, by Andy the glassmaker in London – and he personally collects the champagne bottles from bars and restaurants in the West End of London!

The bottle vases look great as a centrepiece on a dining table, or simply to have in any room of your home.

Available as a either a green glass vase or a clear glass vase, the champagne bottle vases are only £11 each from EcoOutlet.

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