Bright contemporary house number sign


To help the postman, delivery people and visitors succesfully find where you live, a clear house sign or house number can really make a difference. But all too often, standard house numbers are a bit plain and boring.

We’re on the lookout for a new house number and spotted these fab contemporary handmade signs by Tillie Mint. The signs are hand cut from quality weatherproofed wood, then decorated with either a patterned background or patterned numbers.

There’s a choice of different designs available, including the modern, bright floral background, a funky floral design or a red cherry design, and with the bright colours, they’d really help your house stand out. Even the patterned numbers are nice too, as they add a bit of colour and interest, without being overpowering.   

The house number signs measure 15cm by 15cm and can be purchased from Tillie Mint on Not On The High Street.

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