Josephine mirrored chest of drawers

Mirrored drawers

Mirrored drawers

Mirrors are great for helping give a room a sense of space and helping smaller areas look bigger than they really are. As well as hanging a mirror on the wall, another way of making use of the power of mirrors is to invest in mirrored furniture.

One carefully chosen piece, or a couple of items, should do the trick – too much mirrored furniture, and it could look over-done.

We really like the mirrored furniture available from Graham Green, like the Josephine mirrored drawers. Stylishly designed and well made, the drawers have a great mirrored finish which enhances the room they’re used in. The three large drawers provide some excellent storage space too, open smoothly and are finished off with simple chrome handles.

The drawers would be perfect for use in a bedroom, lounge or even a hallway.

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