Hotpoint larder fridge with rapid delivery from Co-op

Hotpoint tall larder fridge

Hotpoint tall larder fridge

Essential kitchen electrical appliances have a tendency to conk out and fail when you least expect it. If you’ve ever found yourself having to buy a new cooker, fridge, freezer or washing machine at short notice, you’ll know only too well what a pain it can be to get a new appliance delivered quickly.

Having been through this very scenario, we were pleased to discover that the Co-op’s electrical store runs a very good, free rapid delivery service on many of its kitchen appliances. They guarantee that 98% of all orders are delivered in only two days – quicker than some of the other major electrical retailers. You can pick your own delivery date and they send you a text or email the day before to let you know which three hour delivery slot your item will arrive in, which means you don’t have to have a whole day off work to hang around and wait for it to arrive. They can take away old appliances too and dispose of them in an eco-friendly manner.

The Co-op online electrical store provides full details about which appliances are included in the rapid delivery scheme, so you know from the outset whether it’s likely to be available at short notice. Many items, such as this tall white larder Hotpoint fridge, have good discount savings on the usual prices (the fridge has £145.95 off at the moment) and their online comparison tool allows you to easily weigh up the pros and cons of each option.

It’s a useful online service to keep in mind for those times when you suddenly need a new electrical appliance and can’t wait for ages for other companies to get the product out to you.

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