Decorative twigs with lights

Pre-lit chocolate brown twigs from Homebase

Decorative twigs with lights

We’ve just been given some of these decorative twigs, that come with lights on them, and they’re so nice that we couldn’t resist writing about them here.

Twigs are a popular choice of decorative accessory and you can buy bunches of nice plain twigs to use in vases around your home. But these are extra special, as they come with a set of small lights (like fairy / Christmas tree lights) already attached.

All you need to do is find a suitable vase – the twigs are lightweight, so a small one is fine – pop them in, plug it in and, voila, you’ve got a lovely lit up twig decoration. It’s perfect to go by the fireside, on a windowledge or in a corner of your room and is the ideal way of having a bit of extra light in a room. If you choose a glass vase, even the lights at the bottom of the twigs can be seen when they’re lit up.

The pre-lit chocolate brown twigs are available from Homebase.

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