Le Creuset cast iron heart casserole dish

Heart casserole

Heart casserole

Le Creuset are renowned for making high quality, long lasting kitchenware and this gorgeous red heart shaped casserole dish is no exception.

Made from cast iron, and in shades of cerise, the casserole dish is shaped like a heart and comes with a lid. It can hold up to 1.9 litres.

As well as cooking up delicious casseroles and stews in it, you can also use the dish for making soups, stock, rice dishes and even for baking cakes.

The dish is made from cast iron, so it is quite heavy (2.7kg), but it’s hardwearing and long-lasting and can be used on the hob, in the oven or under the grill.

Head over to Amazon to buy your heart casserole dish.

If you think the cast iron is too heavy for you, then a lighter stoneware version is available too.

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