Frosted window film helps increase privacy

Increase your privacy

Increase your privacy

We recently had an email from Elaine asking if we had any ideas for  increasing privacy in an overlooked window of her home. As it’s a rental property, she can’t change the window - the landlord wasn’t keen on a blind being put up and she doesn’t like net curtains.

One practical way that we’ve come up with for dealing with the problem is to use frosted glass film. It’s easy to use, and can be removed again without leaving unwanted marks, and produces an effect on the window like frosted glass. It’s a good way of adding a bit of extra privacy to glass windows or doors and won’t cost a fortune to do.

You can buy frosted glass film in various shops and DIY stores and it comes in rolls of different sizes and lengths. Brume, at Not On The High Street, has this plain frosted glass film available in a 1m or 2m roll.

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