Belkiz Feedaway flatpack portable high chair

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This cardboard, flatpack chair may look fairly unassuming when you first see it, but it’s actually a very clever idea and a great design.

Called the Belkiz Feedaway chair, it was created by Australian designer Betul Madakbas and can offer portable and temporary seating for children.

It’s by no means meant to replace traditional high chairs, but would be really useful for anyone who’s having children to stay and needs a high chair temporarily (there’s only so much baby equipment people can bring with them on a short trip).

The eco-friendly chair is made from recycled cardboard and is suitable for use with toddlers up to 20 months old, or 20kg/44lbs. Estimates suggest the chair should last for about 30 times before it’s no longer safe. It’s compact to store and easy to put together and available in various different colourways.

You can currently buy the Belkiz Feedaway chair from Styled Baby for AUD $39.95. Keep an eye out on the Belkiz website for details of more stockists as they become available.

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