The Dunk Mug for perfect tea and biscuits

What a great invention!

What a great invention!

Some things are just meant to go together  - like strawberries and cream, bacon and eggs, gin and tonic, or tea and biscuits.

If you’re a fan of the latter, then isn’t this a great idea?

This cleverly designed mug has a built in ‘shelf’ at the bottom to house (or hide) your biscuits. I often seem to find myself juggling carrying a hot mug of tea, a biscuit (or two) and umpteen other bits and pieces – usually whilst walking up the stairs - and wish I had another hand, so this gem of a mug will do perfectly.

The Dunk Mug is by Mocha and is available from Not On The High Street for £15.50. A worthy investment for 2010, whether you dunk your biscuits or not (Me? It depends on the type of biscuit – some are definitely best eaten without being dunked).

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