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Feather design magnetic memo board

Thursday, January 14th, 2010
Pink memo board

Pink memo board

One for the girls – this pink magnetic memo board has a nice feathery design on it and comes with a set of pink heart magnets.

We particularly like the linear shape, as it can be hung either vertically or horizontally, and would fit into small spaces.

The memo board is sold by Objects of Design.

If a square magnetic memo board is more your style, then they have the same design available in a larger square version too.

Ceramic olive solitaire board

Thursday, January 14th, 2010
Serve and play

Serve and play

What a fun way to serve olives!

This ceramic dish is shaped like a solitaire board, so you can lay your olives out in a classic solitaire formation and try and clear the board.

Of course, if you want a less challenging version, you could just eat them.

As well as olives, the board is perfect for use with chocolates, like Maltesers, mini chocolate eggs or other small nibbles.

The ceramic board measures 20cm by 2ocm by 3cm, comes boxed and is in the sale at Berry Red.

Designer bouquet clock from Hunkydory Home

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

bouquet-clock-black    bouquet-clock-pink

Tell the time in style, with the help of these stunning designer bouquet clocks.

Designed by Nadia Sheltawy, the clocks are cleverly laser cut from acrylic perspex and have the shape of leaves, flowers and buds around the outside of the clock (all the things you’d find in a bouquet of flowers).

We love the black clock, which would look great hung on a neutral wall, but for a splash of colour, it’s also available in hot pink.

Both clocks are sold by Hunkydory Home for £44.99 each.

Colourful Kashmiri handpainted enamel beakers

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010
Colourful beaker set

Colourful beaker set

Add a splash of colour to your home, with this set of six handpainted Kashmiri enamel beakers.

Each beaker has a plain background colour – one each of turqoise, green, pink, red, white and black - adorned with a floral folk-art style image.

You could use them to serve drinks in, dot them around your house as decorative accessories, or turn them into a pretty pen pot for your desk. The beakers measure 12cm in height, so are tall enough to accommodate pens, pencils and rulers.

Each set has six different coloured beakers and is priced at £36 from Not On The High Street. If you don’t want to keep all six for yourself, the set would be perfect to split up into smaller gifts (and they’d work out as very affordable gifts).

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The return of the nesting bird paperclip holder

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010
Create a nest out of paperclips

Build a paperclip nest

We love it when we find items we’ve previously featured reduced to super fabby prices.

Remember the nesting bird paperclip holder?

This quirky little piece, which would look great on a desk, was reduced by Objects of Design from its original price of £32.50, to £24.50, before being dropped a further 50% down to £12.25.

We couldn’t possibly resist that, so a white nesting bird is now winging its way towards our desk.

Get yours before they all fly away!

Black leather faceted stool

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010
Stylish storage stool

Stylish storage stool

There’s nothing ordinary about this black leather stool.

The stylish stool is given extra appeal by its clever faceted look – not something you see all that often with stools like these.

What’s more, in addition to looking attractive, the faceted element comes into its own when the stool is opened up to reveal plenty of useful storage space inside.

It would be great for using for occasional seating needs, or even as a side table. Plus, it’s the ideal place to hide away all your clutter from prying eyes, helping your lounge, dining room, conservatory or bedroom look tidy.

The black leather Cado stool measures 47cm by 47cm by 46cm and is made to order from Amode.

Baroque style glass lamp base

Monday, January 11th, 2010
Lovely glass lamp base

Lovely glass lamp base

If you’re looking for a new lamp base, then this clear glass baroque style base could be the perfect option.

As well as looking great, the benefit of clear glass is that will go with almost any colour scheme and you can team it with the lampshade of your choice.

The vibrant pink leaf shade shown here is a good contrast colour and the silk shade is available to buy separately if you wish.

The baroque style glass lamp base is available from PenelopeTom on Not On The High Street, where it’s currently reduced in the sale.

Clever ceramic notepad

Monday, January 11th, 2010
Eco-friendly notepad

Eco-friendly notepad

Never worry about running out of paper again, with this ceramic, re-usable notepad.

This eco-friendly item is designed to look just like a notepad, but is made of ceramic. It comes with a wipeable pencil, which is tucked in the slot at the top, and you can write your shopping lists or notes on it.

The pad measures 20cm by 14cm and can easily be cleaned with a dry or damp cloth. As well as the pencil that comes with it, you can use china markers or dry wipe pens safely on the ceramic surface.

If you’d like to go for this paperless option, then find it at Soulful Toaster for £12.

Prestige art deco toaster

Monday, January 11th, 2010
Art deco hoops design

Art deco hoops design

Meyer Prestige have gone for the art deco look with their new range of kitchen electrical gadgets.

The two slice toaster, with its variable size slots for different bread items (e.g. toast, bagels or crumpets), has the attractive art deco inspired hoops design on the side. It’s subtle enough not to be too art deco like, but does help jazz up an item that could otherwise be a bit boring!

Find the toaster at Amazon for £44.99.

Impressive recycled sundial from Cox and Cox

Friday, January 8th, 2010
Keep an eye on the sun

Keep an eye on the sun

I love the idea of having a sundial in the garden (although perhaps not massively useful in the current weather) and this one looks like it’s been made from good quality slate.

But, looks can be deceiving…would you believe, it’s actually made from recycled vending machine coffee cups?

Yes, it’s true, this is what the end product of recycling vending machine cups can produce.

The impressive looking sundial can track the sun in your garden in a time honoured tradition and is frost-proof and durable.

The sundial is available from Cox and Cox, where’s it’s currently got £9 off in their sale.

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