John Lewis reversible upside down black Christmas tree

Black fresh design upside down reversible Christmas tree

Black upside down Christmas tree

Have you ever wished you could put your Christmas tree upside now? Erm, me neither.

Clearly somebody has though, as John Lewis are selling a couple of reversible upside down Christmas trees this year, including this modern black one.

It’s a novel idea and the tree can either sit upside down in the stand that’s supplied with it, or be put up in the usual way.

The black upside down tree is £80, but they also do a green one for £73.

Would you buy and use the upside down Christmas tree?

Nov 2012 update – This tree is no longer available from John Lewis, but if you fancy one of these unusual trees, you might just be able to snag yourself a bargain on eBay. One seller has a stock of some very similar 3ft black upside down Christmas trees, complete with metal stands, for just £17.99 each. Or another seller has 4ft black upside down Christmas trees available for £19.99 each.

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