Fired Earth iridescent glass mosaic tiles


I love mosaic tiles used in the home and garden and, if you’re looking for some very special ones, then these are absolutely gorgeous.

Available exclusively from Fired Earth and made by Oceanside Glass Tile, the tiles are made of iridescent glass, so sparkle, shine and glow with different shades of colour.

They’re sadly not cheap (£35.54 per sheet or £394.44 per square metre), and it would be a bit on the pricey side to use them for a whole room, but for a small area of a bathroom, kitchen or special project, they’d be very effective.

The mosaic tiles are available in a range of different colours, including sandstone, fleet blue, spruce or clear (which is very subtlely shaded and rather more exciting than plain and simple clear tiles).

The small square shape is traditionally associated with glass mosaic tiles, but Fired Earth also do some very nice oblong, brick-shaped iridescent tiles, like these lovely copper mountain fusion ones -


To browse more of these stunning glass mosaic tiles, check out the range available from Fired Earth.

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