Wall hanging vase

Wall hanging vase by Camel and Yak

This is rather a novel idea.

If you need a vase, but have limited space available to put it on, then you need a wall hanging vase.

Yes, it’s a vase that hangs on the wall and you can find this clever idea at Camel and Yak, the home and lifestyle company that specialises in products sourced from Scandinavia and France.

The hanging wall vase is rectangular and measures 9cm by 21cm. They’re sold in a pair, for £30, and are ideal for putting a couple of blooms in, or individual flowers. For single stems, it’s a nice way of bringing them up to a new height.

To celebrate their newly launched online shop, Camel and Yak are offering a 10% discount on all orders placed in October 2009.

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