Recycled raggy wool wreath

Papilio recycled raggy wreath

Papilio recycled raggy wreath

We’re loathe to mention the C word too soon, but as there are some lovely home products on the market already, we’re slowly going to introduce a few.

Christmas shopping is no fun done in a mad rush at the end, so this will at least give you the chance to think about how you might like to decorate your home in advance.

It also lets you begin to browse at your leisure and invest in a few key pieces before the madness starts.

We spotted this recycled raggy wool wreath on Papilio’s website (they also make lovely door handles).

The wreath is a great example of how recycling can be so effective in creating contemporary Christmas decorations.

Made of 100% recycled cashmere and wool materials, the wreath features a rainbow of colours. If you’d like to hang something on your door, but don’t want a traditional Christmas wreath, then this is an ideal alternative and would look very colourful on a dully day.

The wreath measures 27cm in diameter and costs £35 from Papilio.

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