Porcelain carton milk jugs


These porcelain milk carton jugs are all the rage at the moment and they’re certainly novel and distinctive.

This one is plain and simple, but the white porcelain won’t date and will go with any crockery colour schemes.

Best of all, compared to many of the other milk carton jugs, this one is very reasonably priced, at only £10, from Utility.

If you do fancy a porcelain milk jug carton with a bit of decoration, then it could set you back £36 at Of Cabbages and Kings.

However, we reckon that with a bit of creativity, there’s scope to liven up the plain porcelain milk carton jug with your own designs.

For example, small craft stickers or even small wall stickers could easily be added to it to give it a bit more zing – although you would have to be careful  if washing it. For decorative purposes, the jug can double up as a vase, especially for holding a single stem.

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