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To help celebrate the 300th anniversary of casting iron at its Coalbrookedale foundry in Shropshire, and as part of the AGA-Rangemaster Group’s Great British Cooker Campaign, four celebrity designers were asked to create their own unique cooker designs. Together, they certainly liven up the look of these cooking appliances.

Emma Bridgewater stamped her mark on an AGA in her typical style, with a cream background and multicoloured polka dots.

Eco designer, Oliver Heath, created a patchwork design on a Rayburn.

Celebrity chef, Nick Nairn, unleashed his Scottish roots on Falcon cooker, creating a tartan materpiece.

And Natasha Hamilton, of Atomic Kitten, adorned a Rangemaster cooker with a contemporary bold cupcake design.

You can find out more about why each celebrity designer chose their particular designs, and get information about each model, over at Great British Cookers.

Which is your favourite?

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