Would you put a bath in your bedroom?

Double ended freestanding bath

Double ended freestanding bath

Many of the cool new home interior trends stem from the plush decor and ideas experienced in posh hotels.
There was an interesting article in the Sunday Times yesterday looking at the issue of putting a bath in your bedroom. Not an en suite, which is separated from your bedroom by a door, but an actual bath.

The bath in a bedroom trend is something that has definitely stemmed from luxurious hotels with big rooms, where the bath is situated only a few footsteps away from the bed. A nice idea if you’re away on a relaxing weekend, but it’s a bit different thinking of having a bath in your bedroom at home.

The article did look at one person who has popped a freestanding bath in their bedroom. It seems to work, as the room is large enough to house it, and it does’t entirely out of place to have the bath situated there.

The general consensus, however, was that space is essential and it’s a trend that can only really work at the high end of the market, in a house where the bedroom is roomy enough to have a bath in, and where there are other conventional bathrooms in the house too.

For anyone with a standard semi, it probably won’t add value or excite future buyers if a bath was squashed into a normal sized bedroom.

Thankfully, the classic freestanding bath works very effectively in conventional bathrooms too, with none of the problems of accidentally splashing water on the carpet or bedding.

The slipper style bath pictured is made from double skinned acrylic and comes with beautiful ball and claw, or large claw feet, in a polished chrome. It’s available from True Shopping for only £298.97, so you can have the luxury of a freestanding bath, without too much of a hefty cost.

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