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If you’re looking for lighting that’s a bit different and out of the ordinary, then you need to check out Skinflint Design.

The company specialises in dealing in reclaimed and salvaged lighting from the 20th century, particularly industrial fixtures. They have some really unsual finds – the kind of lights you won’t easily find anywhere else – and they’re perfect if you want some unusual features or eye-catching lighting.

The bulkhead lights (pictured above on the left) were reclaimed from the isolation cells at a Victorian lunatic asylun in Surrey. There are 16 of them available, with heavy steel bases, and they’re £190 each. It’s a lot to pay for a light, but you’re also purchasing a piece of history too, and we bet they’ll be a talking point at dinner parties.

The enamel green light  in the middle dates from the 1930s and was salvaged from a factory. It’s made of a heavy green and white enamel and there’s one available for £50.

And finally, we love this gorgeous conical shaped white glass pendant light. Again, there’s only one available and it’s priced at £65.

Skinflint Design have plenty of other weird and wonderful lights available – check out their website to find out more!

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