Tick Tock colour your own wallpaper

Tick Tock wallpaper

Tick Tock wallpaper

For the ultimate in wall personalisation, and if you enjoy getting hands on and creative, you can’t get much better than being able to colour your own wallpaper!

Forget all the rules your parents may have told you about not drawing on the walls – there are now some fabulous wallpapers designed so that it can be coloured in, in whatever colours you so desire.

Although it might be a bit of an onerous task to colour it all in if you’ve papered it on a lot of walls, for one wall, or in a small room, it could be a lot of fun. Children would no doubt love it too.

If you like clocks, then the Tick Tock wallpaper features a range of clock designs, but there are also colour-me-in papers with houses (Do You Live in a Town? wallpaper) or chairs (Sitting Comfortably? wallpaper).

These great wallpapers are all available from Mini Moderns for £38 per roll.

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