Mini Moderns Ruby Cushion

Ruby photographic cushion

Ruby photographic cushion

Old black and white and sepia photos are lovely and look great used in the home, framed or displayed in other ways. But this has got to be one of the most unusual ways we’ve seen old photos used – on a cushion.

Made by Mini Moderns, the Ruby cushion features a range of four colour photographic prints arranged on a black background. The prints are one side only, with the other side of the cushion being white, and it measures 410mm by 410mm.

All of the cushions designed by Mini Moderns (and there are some other great designs) are all produced with safety in mind, so have no zips or buttons. Instead, the cushion is a pillowcase style, that’s tucked under, making it easy to take the cover off if you need to.

The Ruby photographic cushion comes complete with cushion pad and costs £35.

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