Making Your House Into A Fabulous Modern Home


There is something special about the experience of furnishing a home, from choosing the bedroom furniture, to working out where all the kid’s toys are going to be stored.  Not forgetting the teenagers with their endless studies and the ever-growing need nowadays for a home office.

Bedroom Furniture


One of the main areas of a house, which can create the perfect space to relax in, is the bedroom and it is one of the easiest to produce an instant effect in. The recent design trends of smooth sleek surfaces in black, red and white gloss can create chic and modern bedrooms. One of the ways of getting the balance right within a bedroom is offsetting the colours with your chosen wallpaper or paint and enhancing them with the furniture.

If we look at the design trend of bold print wallpaper, the visual impact on a focus wall is impressive, however if you combine the colour of the wallpaper with key bedroom furniture pieces, the impact is breathtaking.

Choosing the correct furniture to balance the bedroom design is of great importance, as nothing looks worse than mismatched pieces in a modern room; this look is fine for an eclectic feel, but not for the individual who wants sleek lines, high gloss and statement style.

A great solution to combine all these requirements is modular bedroom furniture.  The Belgian architect De Koninck invented this fantastic idea back in 1932, the idea was to have furniture that could be added to or changed, dependant on the individuals needs. De Koninck started using wire frames, but luckily, with today’s manufacturing process, we have moved beyond this to create ideal bedroom storage, with interchangeable doors to suit the latest style.

Children’s Bedrooms


Staying with bedrooms, children’s bedrooms can be stylish too. The modular style can be used to great advantage here, especially if you like to buy furniture that grows with the child.  However, stand-alone units can add instant appeal to a child’s room, with striking pink for the little princesses or for the little princes, boyish blue.

These styles of furniture work very well to create a child’s room instantly, and adding soft furnishings such as curtains and bed linen with aspects of this colouring can benefit the feel of the whole room, giving the child a space to play and sleep which is designed perfectly for their visual needs and relaxation time.

Teenage Bedrooms


As children reach their teens, they may have grown out of the pink and blue phase and as they aspire for their independence, the decoration of their room will be of importance, especially when they have their friends over.

However, regardless of what they put on the walls or the choice of colour they want, using modular bedroom furniture with its large range of fascias, can ensure you match teenage ideals.

Another area for the teenager’s bedroom is the computer, a focal point of many of their lives. Even if their bedroom does not have a computer in it and you use space elsewhere, there are great home office ranges available to suit every space in your home.

Home Office


There are many desk designs available to suit whatever space you have and your individual taste. For those going for the modern edge, for example, the gloss ranges help create a workspace with functionality and sleek lines.

For those who are fortunate to have a room dedicated as a home office, the decoration and the furniture can be designed to meet your needs perfectly.  The wall colouring needs to be subtle, so as not to distract from the work in progress.

A good way of choosing the colour for your office is to purchase your desk, filing cabinet, and shelving first – in fact, all your home office furniture requirements. Then by using the colouration of the wood grain, go a few shades lighter on the wall if you’ve got dark wood, or a few shades darker for the wall colouring if you’ve got light wood.

If you’re choosing a modern gloss theme, opposite shades work very well, enhancing the office furniture and making working within your home a joy.

In essence, creating a house into home which is beautiful, relaxing and above all else functional is all about enhancing your space with colours that balance and complement each other. By designing your home in such a way, you are making the choices which suit you and therefore, making your house your home.

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