Bite out of it cookie cutters

Fun cookie cutters

Fun cookie cutters

Home baking and cooking is something everyone of all ages can enjoy and if you’re ever been tempted to have a quick nibble of your freshly made biscuits, then you’ll love these cookie cutters.

In the shape of gingerbread men they differ from the standard cutters in that each of the gingerbread men shapes have missing body parts – one has a missing leg, another a missing arm and the third a missing head!

As well as producing a fun and out-of-the-ordinary cookies, it will help the ones you can’t help but taste test blend in beautifully.

The set of three ‘missing bite’ ABC cookie cutters are made from cast aluminium and come in clear display boxes, for maximum impact. They’re available  from Elk Home and cost £7.50 per set.

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