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Get £5 to spend in Ikea

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009


Ikea have teamed up with Save the Children to launch a two week book donation scheme.

Anyone can take part and all you have to do is donate five unwanted books. Just take them into your nearest Ikea store, and the books will be donated to local Save the Children shops. To thank you for your donation, you’ll receive a £5 gift card to spend in Ikea.

The campaign started this week (Sept 28) and is running until October 11th, so get sorting through your books!

Paperwork recycled paper basket

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009
Paperwork recycled basket

Paperwork recycled basket

This contemporary basket is a lovely example of how effective recycled products can look.

Made entirely from recycled rolls of magazines, the basket can be used for storage purposes or for a waste paper basket (kind of appropriate).

Although the exterior design and shape will be the same, there’s a lovely unique aspect to them too, as the colours will depend on exactly which magazines have been used to craft the basket. The one shown is a lovely array of multicolours.

The Paperwork recycled basket is available from Mocha for £27.99.

Making Your House Into A Fabulous Modern Home

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009


There is something special about the experience of furnishing a home, from choosing the bedroom furniture, to working out where all the kid’s toys are going to be stored.  Not forgetting the teenagers with their endless studies and the ever-growing need nowadays for a home office.

Bedroom Furniture


One of the main areas of a house, which can create the perfect space to relax in, is the bedroom and it is one of the easiest to produce an instant effect in. The recent design trends of smooth sleek surfaces in black, red and white gloss can create chic and modern bedrooms. One of the ways of getting the balance right within a bedroom is offsetting the colours with your chosen wallpaper or paint and enhancing them with the furniture.

If we look at the design trend of bold print wallpaper, the visual impact on a focus wall is impressive, however if you combine the colour of the wallpaper with key bedroom furniture pieces, the impact is breathtaking.

Choosing the correct furniture to balance the bedroom design is of great importance, as nothing looks worse than mismatched pieces in a modern room; this look is fine for an eclectic feel, but not for the individual who wants sleek lines, high gloss and statement style.

A great solution to combine all these requirements is modular bedroom furniture.  The Belgian architect De Koninck invented this fantastic idea back in 1932, the idea was to have furniture that could be added to or changed, dependant on the individuals needs. De Koninck started using wire frames, but luckily, with today’s manufacturing process, we have moved beyond this to create ideal bedroom storage, with interchangeable doors to suit the latest style.

Children’s Bedrooms


Staying with bedrooms, children’s bedrooms can be stylish too. The modular style can be used to great advantage here, especially if you like to buy furniture that grows with the child.  However, stand-alone units can add instant appeal to a child’s room, with striking pink for the little princesses or for the little princes, boyish blue.

These styles of furniture work very well to create a child’s room instantly, and adding soft furnishings such as curtains and bed linen with aspects of this colouring can benefit the feel of the whole room, giving the child a space to play and sleep which is designed perfectly for their visual needs and relaxation time.

Teenage Bedrooms


As children reach their teens, they may have grown out of the pink and blue phase and as they aspire for their independence, the decoration of their room will be of importance, especially when they have their friends over.

However, regardless of what they put on the walls or the choice of colour they want, using modular bedroom furniture with its large range of fascias, can ensure you match teenage ideals.

Another area for the teenager’s bedroom is the computer, a focal point of many of their lives. Even if their bedroom does not have a computer in it and you use space elsewhere, there are great home office ranges available to suit every space in your home.

Home Office


There are many desk designs available to suit whatever space you have and your individual taste. For those going for the modern edge, for example, the gloss ranges help create a workspace with functionality and sleek lines.

For those who are fortunate to have a room dedicated as a home office, the decoration and the furniture can be designed to meet your needs perfectly.  The wall colouring needs to be subtle, so as not to distract from the work in progress.

A good way of choosing the colour for your office is to purchase your desk, filing cabinet, and shelving first – in fact, all your home office furniture requirements. Then by using the colouration of the wood grain, go a few shades lighter on the wall if you’ve got dark wood, or a few shades darker for the wall colouring if you’ve got light wood.

If you’re choosing a modern gloss theme, opposite shades work very well, enhancing the office furniture and making working within your home a joy.

In essence, creating a house into home which is beautiful, relaxing and above all else functional is all about enhancing your space with colours that balance and complement each other. By designing your home in such a way, you are making the choices which suit you and therefore, making your house your home.

***This is a guest post from Space2***

Heart shaped non-stick baking tin

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009
Heart shaped baking tin

Heart shaped baking tin

Bake up some treats for your loved ones, with the help of this heart shaped baking tin.

Made of an aluminium non-stick material, the tin has six moulds in heart shapes, which would be perfect for making heart shaped cakes, muffins or desserts.

The heart shaped baking tin is available from Plum and Ivory for £10.

Rose and Grey daisy china

Monday, September 28th, 2009

daisy-bowls orange-daisy-bowl

 daisy-jug daisy-jugs

This colourful range of crockery features a stylised repeated daisy design on a white background.  

Although very simplistic in style, the choice of colours – orange, yellow or pale blue – make each piece eye-catching and appealing.

They’re available from Rose & Grey, with the daisy jug priced at £8.95 and the daisy bowls at £5.50 each.

If you only wanted one or two pieces, a few of the bowls, or a bowl and a jug, mixed in with plain white china would work very well.

Would you put a bath in your bedroom?

Monday, September 28th, 2009
Double ended freestanding bath

Double ended freestanding bath

Many of the cool new home interior trends stem from the plush decor and ideas experienced in posh hotels.
There was an interesting article in the Sunday Times yesterday looking at the issue of putting a bath in your bedroom. Not an en suite, which is separated from your bedroom by a door, but an actual bath.

The bath in a bedroom trend is something that has definitely stemmed from luxurious hotels with big rooms, where the bath is situated only a few footsteps away from the bed. A nice idea if you’re away on a relaxing weekend, but it’s a bit different thinking of having a bath in your bedroom at home.

The article did look at one person who has popped a freestanding bath in their bedroom. It seems to work, as the room is large enough to house it, and it does’t entirely out of place to have the bath situated there.

The general consensus, however, was that space is essential and it’s a trend that can only really work at the high end of the market, in a house where the bedroom is roomy enough to have a bath in, and where there are other conventional bathrooms in the house too.

For anyone with a standard semi, it probably won’t add value or excite future buyers if a bath was squashed into a normal sized bedroom.

Thankfully, the classic freestanding bath works very effectively in conventional bathrooms too, with none of the problems of accidentally splashing water on the carpet or bedding.

The slipper style bath pictured is made from double skinned acrylic and comes with beautiful ball and claw, or large claw feet, in a polished chrome. It’s available from True Shopping for only £298.97, so you can have the luxury of a freestanding bath, without too much of a hefty cost.

Unusual lighting from Skinflint Design

Friday, September 25th, 2009

lunatic-lights    enamel-light    sf-white-conical-light

If you’re looking for lighting that’s a bit different and out of the ordinary, then you need to check out Skinflint Design.

The company specialises in dealing in reclaimed and salvaged lighting from the 20th century, particularly industrial fixtures. They have some really unsual finds – the kind of lights you won’t easily find anywhere else – and they’re perfect if you want some unusual features or eye-catching lighting.

The bulkhead lights (pictured above on the left) were reclaimed from the isolation cells at a Victorian lunatic asylun in Surrey. There are 16 of them available, with heavy steel bases, and they’re £190 each. It’s a lot to pay for a light, but you’re also purchasing a piece of history too, and we bet they’ll be a talking point at dinner parties.

The enamel green light  in the middle dates from the 1930s and was salvaged from a factory. It’s made of a heavy green and white enamel and there’s one available for £50.

And finally, we love this gorgeous conical shaped white glass pendant light. Again, there’s only one available and it’s priced at £65.

Skinflint Design have plenty of other weird and wonderful lights available – check out their website to find out more!

Berry Red Molly storage tins

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

berryred-molly-tin     berryred-large-molly-tin  

I can’t get enough of storage tins, they’re useful for storing all sorts of goodies (craft tools, seed packets, stamps or a secret chocolate stash) and come in such gorgeous designs.

These two Molly tins are both from Berry Red and are firmly on my tin wishlist.

The medium Molly tin (£15)  is  jolly red colour all over, with flowers on the sides and white polka dots on the lid.

The large Molly tin (£25) has the same red and white polka dot lid and floral decoration on the sides, but the base colour of the sides of the tin is white, which gives it a completely different look.

Pearl and Earl camper van trend

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

camper-van-mug-set camper-van-teatowel camper-van-gift-set

Iconic VW camper van images seem to be springing up into home accessories left, right and centre. One company who’ve really conquered the market for trendy camper van designs are British designers Pearl and Earl.

They’ve successfully brought the camper van image into everything from tea towels and mugs, to canvas art, laundry bags, aprons and oven gloves.

The set of six porcelain mugs is £40, the camper Lys teatowel is £6 and the camper van bumper gift set, which includes a teatowel, mug, badge and card (in a choice of 6 colours) is £15.

For these products, and many more camper van filled delights, check out the Pearl and Earl website.

Venice shower curtain

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009
Take a shower in Italy

Take a shower in Italy

I’m not the biggest fan of shower curtains – I much prefer screens – but if you’ve got to have a curtain, then this Venice shower curtain is a great alternative.

The curtain has a wonderful view of typical Venice architecture, complete with canal activity, and could help transport you away from your bathroom to the wonderful Italian city.

It’s available to purchase from Rockett St George for £30.

If Venice doesn’t do it for you, then the shower curtain is also available depicting other worldwide destinations, including Paris, Las Vegas, London and Brooklyn.

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