What to do with an old aeroplane wing

Aeroplane wing table

Aeroplane wing table

Making contemporary furniture out of recycled items is something that Restore have got down to a fine art.

Thinking what came be done with an old aeroplane wing isn’t something most people would need to contemplate, but Restore have and they’ve turned the wing into a fab piece of furniture.

The Deborah table is made out of an old aluminium aeroplane wing. It’s been finished off with stainless steel legs and a tough glass top and it would make an unusual feature coffee table.

This special table does come with a rather special price tag - £1990 – but for plane lovers, or fans of truly unique recycled furniture, we’re sure it’s worth it.

If you like unique pieces, then there are many more innovate furniture ideas to explore on the Restore website.

(Via Home Furniture Ideas)

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