Unusual art cuckoo clocks

Unusual art cuckoo clock

Unusual art cuckoo clock

After we featured the funky striped cuckoo clock previously, Dolf from North Coast Imports alerted us to their clocks.

It’s taken us a while to browse through them, as they have loads and there are some really unusual designs. If you like the idea of a traditional cuckoo clock, but want a more modern design, then there may well be something that takes your fancy amongst their ART Clocks range.

Designed and produced by artists based in Germany’s Black Forest, each of the ART clocks is a one-of-a-kind piece and is signed by the artist.

The cuckoo element isn’t too overpowering – the clocks have a small and inobtrusive door at the top where the cuckoo appears to announce the chiming of hours of half hours.

To find out more about the clocks available, have a look at the North Coast Imports website.

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