The singing bird

All singing, all moving robin

All singing, all moving robin

We were in two minds about this one – mostly as it seems a tad on the tacky side. But after listening to it chirping away on the website, we’ve been somewhat won over.

It’s a singing bird. A singing American Robin, in fact (how do American Robins differ from British Robins?).

The robin is made of plastic and is lifesize, but the clever feature is that it sings realistically and moves in the way a robin normally would. What’s more, it’s fitted with a light sensor in its neck, so every time it detects movement, it bursts into song!

There’s a very good demo on the Caravan Style website, where you can see the singing, moving robin in full swing.

If you fancy filling your home with the sound of tweeting, singing birds, then the American Robin, plus some of his other feathered friends, can be purchased from Caravan Style for £16.95.

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