Recycled chopping board

Recycled cardboad chopping board

Recycled cardboad chopping board

This black chopping board looks stylish and looks like it could be slate, but amazingly it’s made from 100% recycled cardboard.

Yes, cardboard – we couldn’t believe it either. We first spotted it featured on Nest Goodies and were so intrigued that we had to check it out for ourselves.

The recycled cardboard has been compressed to make the chopping board and the end result is heat resistant, stain resistant and colour resistant. The non-porous material won’t mean that bacteria can be harboured in the board (one of the issues that often concerns me about some chopping boards) and they say it won’t blunt your knife either.

As far as recycling goes, this is a great use for old cardboard and a very practical eco product to own. Once you’ve finished with it, it can be recycled again.

The chopping board is available in three sizes, with prices starting at £9.95, and you can buy it from EcoCentric.

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