Plumo pink Sari bench

Plumo pink sari bench

Plumo pink sari bench

The new Autumn range from Plumo has recently launched and we couldn’t help spotting the Pink Sari Bench - not least as it’s the same design as the infamous Kimono Bench that we’ve featured before.

This time it’s available in a pink patchwork fabric, which is made from an Indian sari, and it has the same red lacquered legs and handy little storage area under the seat. Plumo has it priced at £159.

After a little bit of digging around, we’ve discovered it’s made by a Dutch company called Colorique. It’s part of a range called Piece of Cake, that is really aimed at children, and they also do it in a sea blue colour too.

Colorique Pink Treasure Chest Sofa

Colorique Pink Treasure Chest Sofa

The only difference with the bench Plumo are selling is that the Colorique  pink and blue benches have white wooden legs instead of red.  Instead of a bench, they describe it as a ‘sofa treasure chest.’

We’ve yet to find any other UK retailers selling it, but will be looking out carefully as, like before, we suspect it may be cheaper to purchase elsewhere.

As nice as the sari fabric is, we personally prefer the original Kimono one, with its vibrant shades of red and blue.

What do you think? Is a pink bench your cup of tea? Or what colours would you prefer?

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