New Ikea 2010 catalogue

Ikea Jonsbo Egby lamp

Ikea Jonsbo Egby lamp

 Yes, it’s that time of you again – the arrival of the new Ikea catalogue!

I enjoy nothing better than browsing the pages of homeware and furniture catalogues and dreaming about what could look great in my own home.

If you’re keen to get your mitts on an Ikea catalogue, then you can browse the virtual pages here (not quite the same as owning the paper version, but a pretty good alternative).

We rather like this Jonsbo Egby lamp, with it’s jewel-like pale pink base and beige lampshade. Designed by Johanna Jelinek, it’s £24.99 (also available in clear glass and beige if you don’t fancy pink).

If you’d like some more tasters of what’s in store, then Camilla at Hygge Nook has a great post looking at her new catalogue favourites.

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