Missoni Home Jazz towels

Jazz towels by Missoni Home

Jazz towels by Missoni Home

If want to add more colour into a room, but don’t want to do so through major decoration, such as changing the wall colour or the furniture, then adding new home accessories is a really good alternative.

To add some colour into the bathroom, then choosing distinctive towels is a good approach.

These funky Jazz towels by Missoni Home, for example, with their rainbow of colours, would definitely help brighten up a tired bathroom.

Whilst they may be a bit pricey to buy a whole set of them - prices start at £24 for two hand towels, whilst a bath sheet is £66 – one or two of them added to your existing bathroom towels may well be sufficient to add extra colour and interest.

You can buy the Missoni Home Jazz towels at DotMaison.

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