Kartell Optic storage cube

Kartell Optic storage cube

Kartell Optic storage cube

What’s better than plain old practical storage solutions? Stylish and well designed storage, of course!

This Kartell Optic storage cube ticks all the right boxes, as it offers practical storage solutions, but also looks decidedly stylish too.

Designed by Patrick Jouin for Kartell, the Optic storage cube is made from PMMA, a type of plastic. Rather than a plain, flat surface, each cube has a multi-faceted surface which is decorated with square-based pyramids.

There are two versions of the cube – one which is open on one side, so you can pop things in, and another with a door, so you can close it up again (probably the more practical option).

Kartell cubes galore

The cubes measure 41cm x 41cm x 41cm and are available in a choice of transparent colours, such as crystal, red, yellow, purple, smoke and black, as well as a solid matt black.

Fun and practical, you can use the Optic storage cube for all sorts of storage needs – and if you have more than one, you can stack them up to make your own multi-storage solutions. You can even use them for a bedside table or side table, if you so desire.

Utility Designs has a great selection of the Kartell Optic storage cubes available, in the open or closed designs.

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