Design and make your own bespoke lampshade

Desugn your own bespoke lampshade

Desugn your own bespoke lampshade

Sometimes finding the perfect lampshade to fit in with your colour scheme, design or decor ideals is jolly tricky, but this clever idea from Duffy London could solve the problem.

They’ve put together a self-assembly kit which lets you customise and design your very own lampshade.

The lampshade itself is ready made and is suitable for either pendant lights or floor standing lamps.

The outside layer of the shade is sticky, so all you have to is stick your desired design on it. It could be photos, strips of wallpaper (to match your walls) or even fabric.

It all sounds very easy and, at only £10 for the do-it-yourself lampshade kit, it’s cheap enough to have a go and experiment with.

The lampshade kit is available to purchase from Bouf. Why not have a go?

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