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Big Collection collage photo frame

Monday, August 31st, 2009
Big Collection photo frame

Big Collection photo frame

We love collage style photo frames, that feature slots for multiple photos. They’re a great of displaying all your favourite photos, of grouping together pictures of family or friends or for highlighting selected pictures from a holiday or special event.

The Big Collection photo frame features 11 slots for photos of varying sizes within one large frame. They’re symmetrically organised, around one large photo in the middle, and each has a thin black border around it to define the individual photos.

Compared to other collage photo frames, it’s quite a formal arrangement, but perfect for many occasions and a nice way of displaying special images.

The frame is available to buy from RedCandy for £39.

A Girl’s Guide to Decorating by Abigail Ahern: Review

Friday, August 28th, 2009
A Girl's Guide to Decorating

A Girl's Guide to Decorating

Decorating secrets, ideas, tips and knowledge abound in A Girl’s Guide to Decorating.

Written by internationally renowned interior designer and stylist, Abigail Ahern, this book offers a hands-on guide to all you need to know to decorate your home.

The book literally does cover everything, from choosing your style and planning your space, to creating a wow factor, using colour, adding texture and making the most of lighting.

One of the great points that Abigail makes is that creating a stylish home doesn’t necessarily mean spending a fortune. Yes, it can help to have money to splash out on unique home furnishings, but it’s by no means it’s essential and you can achieve a fresh, unique new look without breaking the bank.

Before launching into exploring ideas for decorating and transforming your home, the book begins with the basiscs – analysing the space you’ve got and planning what you’d like to do with it.  They’re both essential steps, but all too easily overlooked when you’re longing to get your paintbrush out and start changing your home!

Abigail explains why they’re important and how you can work out the best way of dealing with the space and light you’ve got in the various rooms of your home, even if they’re small and you seem short of space.

Glamour, texture, colour and light

The subsequent chapters each deal with creating glamour in your home, using colour, creating different forms of texture and how to use light effectively.

Between them, they each offer a lot of practical advice, expert knowledge and insight into what you can do to get great results. There are clear and highly illustrative photos throughout the book and this helps a lot with visualising and seeing what you can achieve.

With the various practical ideas, like how to put up shelving, how to make a stair runner, or putting together a flat-pack cabinet, there are clear step-by-step instructions, plus a shopping list of items you’ll need.

The specialist advice and knowledge is invaluable and you’ll learn some great decorating tricks, like different ways of displaying items (symmetrically, in themes, asymetrically and mixed up), different ways of arranging pictures (in grid formations, organic clusters or in lines) and the different effects that colours can have.

The book ends with a useful section dealing with the tools of the trade – the items you’ll need in order to decorate successfully and a basic guide to accomplishing certain techniques, like sanding, stripping, filling a hole or calculating how much paint you’ll need.

Overall, it’s a great book that’s packed to the brim with informative advice, knowledge and tips, all of which can be taken away and applied to your own home decorating.

If you’re keen to create your own unique space, but aren’t sure where to start, or wish you could afford the advice of an interior designer, then The Girl’s Guide to Decorating is the book for you!

The Girl’s Guide to Decorating by Abigail Ahern, published by Quadrille, RRP £16.99

Find out more about Abigail Ahern’s design tastes on her blog.

Red and white spotty retro range

Friday, August 28th, 2009


Glass bowls with red spotty lids

Glass bowls with red spotty lids

One of the homeware trends on the go at the moment is the red and white retro spotty look.

We’ve already featured a two tier cake stand and a teapot with these designs, but if you’re after more homeware products in jolly red and white spot, then Shapps and Coutts have got a whole range of them.

From sugar bowls and butter dishes, to egg cups and toast racks, they’ve got the spotty look well and truly covered.

We rather like the set of five glass bowls with red and white spotty lids. The glass bowls are in five different sizes and the lids can be popped on top for storing leftovers or ingredients.

If you fancy a bit of red and white, but don’t want to go overboard with it, then this is a good compromise, as you don’t have to have the lids in use all the time. The set of five glass bowls and lids is only £7.99 from Shapps and Coutts.

Bank Holiday homeware bargains

Thursday, August 27th, 2009
Red faceted glass lamp base from Graham and Green

Red faceted glass lamp base from Graham and Green

Bank Holiday’s are great times to find homeware and furniture bargains and no doubt they’ll be plenty of UK shops offering up tempting discounts this weekend.

We’ve been on the hunt for some of them – here’s what we’ve found so far!

Graham and Green – the lovely Graham and Green are offering 20% off all items purchased between Thursday 27th August and Tuesday 1st September (excluding other offers). Just enter the code “A9WAUG” when you checkout.

M& SMarks and Spencer have a six day home event running from Thursday 27th August to Tuesday 1st September, whereby you can get up to 40% off furniture and 20% off homeware. The offer applies online and in store. They also already have 3 for 2 deals on several homeware items, so you could benefit from double the deal, with a 3 for 2 and a discount!

Strawberry Fool - at homeware store Strawberry Fool, you could 15% off your order until Wednesday 9th September. Just enter the word ‘GLAM15′ at the checkout to claim your discount.  

Totally Funky – you can also get 15% off all orders at Totally Funky until Wednesday 9th September. Again, to claim the discount, you need to enter the word ‘GLAM15′ at the checkout.

Have you found any other great home-related Bank Holiday offers? Please leave a comment and share the details!

Kimono round floor cushion

Thursday, August 27th, 2009
Kimono patchwork floor cushion

Kimono patchwork floor cushion

Yes, it’s that lovely, on trend, Kimono bench fabric again – but this time it’s in the form of a large, round floor cushion.

The cushion shows off the wonderful fabric very well, as six glorious pieces are sewn together in a patchwork pattern to form the front of the cushion. As it’s designed to be used on the floor, it needs to be durable, so it’s been finished off with some hard wearing denim.

The Kimono floor cushion measures 40cm in diamete and  is available from the Bird Cage Boutique for £40.

Stylish Vallbonne chair

Thursday, August 27th, 2009
Striking Vallbonne chair

This black French armchair has been lovingly restored and re-upholstered to become a very striking and unique piece of contemporary furniture.

A vibrant patchwork effect has been created with luscious pink and red opulent fabrics and you won’t find another like it.

If you’d like to own this one-of-a-kind chair, then it’s available from Couch for £495.

The singing bird

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009
All singing, all moving robin

All singing, all moving robin

We were in two minds about this one – mostly as it seems a tad on the tacky side. But after listening to it chirping away on the website, we’ve been somewhat won over.

It’s a singing bird. A singing American Robin, in fact (how do American Robins differ from British Robins?).

The robin is made of plastic and is lifesize, but the clever feature is that it sings realistically and moves in the way a robin normally would. What’s more, it’s fitted with a light sensor in its neck, so every time it detects movement, it bursts into song!

There’s a very good demo on the Caravan Style website, where you can see the singing, moving robin in full swing.

If you fancy filling your home with the sound of tweeting, singing birds, then the American Robin, plus some of his other feathered friends, can be purchased from Caravan Style for £16.95.

Chest of drawers by Tejo Remy

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009
Tejo Remy's chest of drawers

Tejo Remy's chest of drawers

This creative chest of drawers is probably unlike any other chest of drawers you’ve seen before and it’s more of an art form than a piece of furniture.

Designed by Tejo Remy, it consists of 20 recycled drawers in their original state, surrounded by a specially constructed wooden frame and bound together with a furniture mover’s strap.

Tejo produces a limited edition of only 14 of the pieces each year, each unique, numbered and signed.

The chest of drawers can be bought from Generate, but we advise taking a deep breath and sitting down before you look at the price.

Silver plated heart cake stand

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009
Unusual heart cake stand

Unusual heart cake stand

This unusual silver plated cake stand is styled in the shape of a heart.

The cake stand has two plates, a large one at the bottom and a smaller one at the top, and both are in the shape of hearts.

There’s plenty of room to fill the cake stand with your favourite cakes or teatime treats and it would look lovely as a centre piece on a table.

The heart cake stand comes gift boxed and costs £65.95 from The Packhouse.

Unusual UK map mirror

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009


UK mirror map

UK mirror map

Maps and globes often crop up in home decor and home accessories, but this is the first time we’ve come across a United Kingdom one in the form of a mirror.

This two piece mirror comes in the form of a realistic looking map of Great Britain and Ireland (Ireland being the second part of it).

If you want to have a map on your wall, but also happen to be in need of a mirror, then it’s the perfect solution. This version measures 60cm in diameter (a smaller 40cm one is available too) and costs £47.95 from Toys and Interiors.

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