Three affordable pendant lights

Pendant lights or lamps are great for creating a bit of ‘wow factor’ in your home. Yes, they’re functional in providing much needed light, but they can also be highly stylish, dramatic and unusual, especially used where people can see them (such as over your dining table or an entrance hall).

There are some great contemporary pendant lights on the market, but some sadly do come at a price.

If you’re on a budget, don’t despair! We’ve rounded three gorgeous affordable pendant lights – all of which come in at under £66 (some, well under).

1. Ikea Maskros Pendant Lamp

Ikea Maskros pendant lamp

Ikea Maskros pendant lamp

This contemporary Maskros pendant lamp from Ikea draws inspiration from the natural world. In fact, we think it very much resembles the seed head of a dandelion.

It’s designed to provide subtle lighting, for when you want to create a soft mood or ambience in a room. Being Ikea, the Maskros pendant lamp isn’t going to break the bank – it’s priced at £65.

2. Kartell E-Pendant Light

Kartell e-pendant light

Kartell e-pendant light

The striking pendant lights by Kartell were designed by Ferruccio Laviani. The pendant light shades are made of a cleverly pleated polycarbonate and look quite dainty when in use.

The e-pendant is available in a choice of five transparent colours, as well as a matt black and matt white. They were originally priced at £48 each, but they’re currently on offer for £41 from Mac and Mac Interiors.

3. John Lewis Bianca Pendant Shade

Bianca Pendant Shade

Bianca pendant shade

The Bianca pendant shade from John Lewis is very delicate and dainty. The laser cut pendant shade is made from an ivory, lace-effect fabric. It’s decorated with octaganal glass drops, which add plenty of sparkle to the shade. You can easily see the sparkle during the day, but the effect is maximised when the light is turned on.

The Bianca pendant shade started off as being priced at £58.50, but is currently reduced in the sale and is now an utter bargain at £29.

A Pendant Light in Action

There’s a really nice example of how effective some pendant lights can be, especially the cutwork design pieces, on the Door Sixteen blog. The photographs show a round cutwork pendant light installed in the hallway and the fantastic shadows it creates.

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