Three contemporary bedroom ideas

Gorgeous gold bedroom
Gorgeous gold bedroom

One of the best bits of planning your own home is the wonderful excuse to look at ideas for different rooms and see what other people are doing.

We’ve been drooling over some bedroom pictures on the Living Etc gallery and thought we’d share some of our favourites.

This gold room has unusual textured wallpaper, which is accented by a gold cushion on the bed. But it’s actually the brocade-style headboard that caught our attention. It’s very decorative and looks great next to the contrasting wallpaper.

We also like the fact the bed looks homely and slept in, not totally pristine and never used.

Monochrome bedroom

Monochrome bedroom

This monochrone bedroom is characterised by the large flower canvas above the bed.
Whilst most people probably won’t have a bespoke oversized canvas going spare, it’s a good example of how effective a statement wall can be.
In fact, the effect can be easily recreated with some stunning wallpaper and the rest of the room can be left relatively simply designed.
Black walls can work

Black walls can work

Black is not a colour that everyone would automatically think to put on the wall, but this black painted wall is a classic example of just how effective it can be, if you dare to try it out.
The large decorative gold mirror works wonderfully well against the dark background; in fact, the black helps the detailing in the mirror stand out well. 
Using a mirror on a black wall is also great for helping prevent a room from looking small – as black on every wall could do.  

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