The mysterious case of the noticeboard birds nest


If anyone happened to buy the Cox and Cox damask noticeboard that we featured recently, we wondered whether you received the birds nest with it? (The cute little one with eggs in, seen pinned on the board).

On the Cox and Cox product listing, they do specifically say that the birds nest isn’t included and was added by their product stylist, but we chanced upon the exact same product for sale elsewhere and were surprised to read that the birds nest is included.

The one with the nest is available from Lytton and Lily, described as the Marie Louise Pin Board, for £59 (so the Cox and Cox option is quite a bargain for £34!). It surely can’t be all the more expensive just because of the birds nest?!

It’s not a big deal, but it’s piqued our curiousity, so if a birds nest mysteriously appears with your Cox and Cox damask noticeboard order, please do let us know!

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