Pretty leaf cast iron trivet

Pretty leaf cast iron trivet

Pretty leaf cast iron trivet

Whilst looking at the funky striped cuckoo clock on Rockett St George, we came across lots of other gorgeous home products too. One of the pieces that really caught our eye was this pretty leaf trivet.

Trivets are great for using in the kitchen, to put hot pots and pans on as you get them out of the oven, or for standing dishes on to serve at the table. Trivets are often quite practical in their design, but not this one.

Made from heavy duty cast iron, the trivet is crafted into a pretty leaf shape, so it’s decorative as well as practical. Non-slip pads underneath ensure it will stay in place when being used and won’t accidentally scuff your table.

The pretty leaf trivet measures 19cm by 16cm and is priced at £15.50 at Rockett St George.

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