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Two of the current in vogue trends in home design are patchwork and oriental. Whilst you might assume they’re best left used on their own and, at least partially, reserved for vintage homes, believe it or not, they can be successfully combined together to be used in modern, contemporary homes too.

One of the products that has featured in UK home magazines this summer is this colourful bench, which is a good example of a piece of furniture that is blending together these two trends and that could easily fit in well in a modern home.

The bench features colourful fabrics inspired by antique kimono textiles, that are put together in a patchwork-like way. It not only looks great, but it’s also highly practical too, as the seat lifts up to provide much-needed storage. It’s finished off with bright lacquer red legs, which unscrew for easy manoeuvering.

Living Etc featured the Kyoto bench from Plumo in their July 2009 issue (£159), but we’re rather pleased to discover the Kimono Treasure Bench (same piece, different name) for only £125 at Berry Red (it pays to shop around!).

To complete the look, Berry Red also have a number of matching accessories, such as the Kimono velvet quilt, Kimono cotton velvet cushions and Kimono hanging lamps.

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