Five of the best bookends

Whether you’re in need of propping up unruly piles of books, or like to have extra design touches around your home, bookends are the ideal solution. They can be purely used for practical purposes, or included in your home for their decorative look, and are available in a wide variety of styles, looks and colours. We’ve picked out our current top five favourites.

1. Eco Chic Recycled Bookends


These Eco Chic bookends are a simple design that will fit in easily with the rest of your home style. As an added bonus, they’re an eco product too.

They’re made in India from 100% recycled cotton scraps, retrieved from the leftovers in factories making clothes. The cotton is subsequently pulped to form paper and this has been moulded to form bookends and embossed with a mock croc finish.

The Eco Chic bookends are available from Graham and Green, in a turqouise blue shade, and currently cost £10.85 per pair in their sale.

2. Aluminium Globe Bookends

Aluminium globe bookends

Aluminium globe bookends

These chunky, heavy bookends are made from aluminium metal and feature an intricately carved globe. The globe is split in half by the two bookends and together they’ll ensure your books won’t fall into disarray.

Unfortunately, these do come at a price, but should be longlasting and are a lovely decorative addition to your home too. They’re available from Artisanti for £140.

3. Black Lacquer Oriental Bookends


This pair of black lacquered bookends have an oriental feel to them. They’re simple in style and design, but have been given an added touch with the addition of a jade medallion on the end.

The black lacquer bookends are available from Oka and cost £34 for the pair.

4. Cast Iron Bookends

Cast iron bookends

Cast iron bookends

These heavy duty cast iron bookends are nice and sturdy for keeping control of heavy books. Crafted from cast iron in a traditional French style, they feature a wonderfully ornate design.
The cast iron bookends are available from La Maison Bleue for £26.95.

5. Morph and Chas Bookends

Morph and Chas bookends

Morph and Chas bookends

If you were a child of the 70s or 80s, you’ll no doubt recognise these cheeky characters. Created by Tony Hart, and immortalised on  TV shows such as Take Hart and Hartbeat, Morph and his sidekick, Chas, have been transformed into polyresin bookends.

Measuring 15cm in height, the two quirky characters can now prop up your books in their own characteristic way. The set of bookends is available from Urban Outfitters for £24.

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