Dunelm Mill affordable home furnishings

Dunelm Mill - stylish home furnishings

Dunelm Mill – stylish home furnishings

With the recession in full throttle, more people are looking to improve their homes rather than move, but it’s not always easy to get a stylish new look without spending a fortune.

It’s not the first place we’d have thought to look, but Dunelm Mill has some surprisingly good soft furnishings and home accessories that won’t break the bank.

For example, the purple cushions in the picture on the left start from a mere £4.99 each and would add a bright and colourful look to any room.

The Venetian three drawer mirrored cabinet costs £99.99,  the Lima rug is £49.99, the glass bevelled photo frame is £4.99 and the black pinch pleat lamp is £29.99.

All in all, you could create a fresh and stylish new look in your home from Dunelm Mill without shelling out a fortune.

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